Hotel Information

Hotel Information

What is the price of hotel in Yiwu?

Budget hotel: 20—30$
Four-star/upscale: 65—100$

Five-star/deluxe: 100-160$

Yiwu Marriott Hotel,located in the center of yiwu CBD,¥710 up.

Your world International conference center is the first landscape-style luxurious hotel in mid Zhejiang. ¥638 up.

Crown Plaza Yiwu Expo is close to Yiwu International Expo Certer, ¥508 up

Kingdom Narada Grand Hotel, five-star hotel, ¥528 up

Yiwu international Mansion, located in Binwang market business area, ¥488 up

Ramada Plaza Yiwu, four-star hotel, ¥438 up

Yiwu Suofeite Hotel, three-star hotel, ¥248 up

Yiwu Lingshang Hotel, it is only 1 km to small commodities market, ¥138 up

Restaurant Information

Restaurant Information

Is there any specialty restaurant in yiwu?

In Yiwu, There is much different style food. You can have meals in Muslim restaurant,  Indian restaurant,  Thai restaurant,  Japanese and Korean cuisine,  Turkish restaurant, Brazilian barbecue,  Russian restaurant,  African restaurant,  Western restaurant; and KFC, McDonald's etc.

1.Mayide Arabic Restaurant

Add:No.:235 ChouzhouNorth Road, Yiwu Tel: 0579-85548544

2.Ariana Arabic Restaurant:

Add: No.:590 ChouzhouNorth Road, Yiwu Tel: 0579-85565881

3.Ali baba Turkish restaurant

No.:458 ChouzhouNorth Road, Yiwu Tel: 0579-85427724

4.Sultan Turkish restaurant

No.:475 ChouzhouNorth Road, Yiwu Tel: 0579-85547474
5. Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant

Add:No.:220 Bin WangRoad,Yiwu

6.MingYue Japanese Restaurant

Add: No.2 GongrenNorth Road, Yiwu  Tel: 0579-83818686

7.Shu Fei Ya Italian Restaurant

No.971 Gongren NorthRoad, Choucheng Avenue, Yiwu   Tel: 0579-85582183

8.Tiffany Restaurant

10-Tower 2 BinwangInternational Building, Yiwu  Tel:0579-85571172,18606562855
9. Divino Western Restaurant

No.1 Dushi Gongyu,ChengZhong Road, Yiwu  Tel: 8613575938056

10. Mughal Durbar Indian Restaurant

No.302 Chengbei Road, Tel: 0579-85039193

11. 5 Elements western Restaurant

148 Gong Ren West rd, Yiwu  Tel:0579-85583377

Traffic Information

Traffic Information

How can I get to Yiwu?

  1. Shanghai Pudong International airport to yiwu by bus,  4 hours;

  2. Shanghai Hongqiao International airport(railway station) to yiwu by high-speed rail,  1.5 hours;

  3. Hangzhou Xiaoshan International airport to yiwu by bus,  1.5 hours;

  4. Guangzhou Baiyun International airport to yiwu by air,  2 hours;

  5. Hongkong International airport to yiwu by air,  2 hours;

  6. Beijing Capital International airport to yiwu by air,  2 hours;

  7. Urumqi International Airport to yiwu by air,  4.5 hours.

Other Tips

Other Tips

Where is the mosque and church?


Yiwu great Mosque

Add: No.:110 Jiang bin road, Yiwu


Yiwu New Grace Christian Church

Add: No.:237 Zongze East Road, Yiwu

Yiwu Catholic Church:

Add:No.:333-1 Xiang shan road,Yiwu